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Chapter One: The Bicycle Project

The bicycle series presents me. Every time I had surgery, I felt like the bikes, lying there with another part removed.

Chapter Two: Water Reflections

The Water Reflections are about moments in time and my need to heal by the water. In an instant the wind blows, a fish jumps up, or a wave comes and eliminates the image completely.

Chapter Three: Life Goes On

The title of this photograph is Life goes on. My Mother was in the hospital, we were preparing to take her home for hospice care. My sister was pregnant and about to give birth to Henry. Photography is truly a moment in time. At that moment all I had was the camera on my cell phone.  It's not about the tools we use, it's about how we use the tools that are in front of us.

Henry Amedeo Sandrini was born on February 25, 2006
Jeanne Prescott died on March 10, 2006

Chapter Four: Rust in Bloom

Rust in Bloom is about my choice to see the fields of flowers in the rust.

Chapter Five: Hold On

The Hold On series was shot in Seattle. I have multiple autoimmune problems and a brain tumor… some days you just need to hold on and the day takes you for a ride. Some days you want to scream.

Chapter Six: Shark Bite

On April 5th 2011 I had a brain tumor removed.

Chapter Seven: Conclusion

Trees is about my eyes being open to all that is around me and seeing the forest through the trees.

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